Trumpet Your Vuvuzela for the Wild Goose!

For millions of fans the world over, it’s difficult to accept: The historic 2010 World Cup, hosted by South Africa, has drawn to a close. Nearly two weeks ago, an unforgettable closing ceremony at Johannesburg’s Soccer City stadium featured Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel, marking the close of the most-watched World Cup yet.

What is the appeal? Many cultures came together to celebrate the magic of being human; if you felt envious of the macro-level community-building that took place in South Africa, you have the opportunity to be part of something that we hope might embody a similar spirit (albeit smaller scale) happening right here in the US next June.

The Wild Goose Festival – location to be announced very soon – will be taking place June 23rd-26th. We will be hosting fearless voices from around the world and across North American spirituality, featuring radical Christian artists and¬†practitioners as well as those from across the faith spectrum. Keep those vuvuzelas in hand! (But maybe let’s see if we can find a way to make them a bit quieter…) We’ll see you soon.

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