Do you like us?

The New Oxford American Dictionary listed “unfriend” as their 2009 Word of the Year. Clearly, social networking has left an indelible mark on our shared lexicon. Suddenly, words like “Friend,” “Fan,” “Like” and even “de-friend” have worked their way into our common language and collective understanding of what it means to be relational beings in our technologically interconnected society.

We Wild Goosers appreciate technology, but we believe it should be in the service of enriched tangible community-making, instead of leading to its diminishment. The advent of social networking has reunited old friends, classmates, and coworkers, but it has also fed into the alienation and anxiety of our age – does you “like” what I have to say? Are you my “friend”?

At Wild Goose, we hope to build friendships that last a lifetime. Shared camaraderie and common cause around the luminous values of truth, beauty, courage and meaning – or, if you prefer, faith, hope, and love. This starts as conversation, and it starts online. So please, by all means, “Like” us on Facebook. Our Facebook page is becoming a place where we can see who else in North America and around the world is intrigued by this vision for a shared experience, creative empathy, and meaning-making. You can share photos, anecdotes, playlists and more – the sky’s the limit. But let’s not make this Page – glorious as it is in all its pixilated glory – an end in itself. We want to see neighborhoods, congregations, intentional communities and cohorts take to the streets – on foot, bicycles, biodiesel busses, and yes even minivans – and make your way to Shakori Hills next June 23rd-26th for a truly unique time of in-person (re)connection.

We’ll see you on Facebook – and we look forward to when our gaze can meet yours.

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